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Look Who’s Running for City Council...

By Kirk Kelley

In the November 4 Mission Viejo city election, three council seats are on the ballot. Trish Kelley is terming out, and Dave Leckness and Rhonda Reardon are running for re-election.
Following is a summary of the eight Mission Viejo council candidates, including their ballot designations. While the CCS editorial staff has not yet endorsed candidates, I am offering a preview of the candidates. Three stars = highly recommended; 2 stars = recommended; 1 star = has merit.

*** Ed Sachs, Mission Viejo Commissioner/Business Owner: Retired CEO of Pioneer Electronics. He’s on the city’s Financial Advisory Commission, and he understands the city budget. From his ballot statement, Ed wants to reduce the size and scope of government and its intrusion into residents’ lives. He wants to hold city hall accountable to the taxpayer. Ed has also been a contributing writer to the Community Common Sense.

** Desi Kiss, Engineer/Business Executive: Licensed professional engineer who owns an engineering firm. From his ballot statement, Desi sees the need for openness, integrity, leadership, transparency, fiscal responsibility and accountability on the council.

*Greg Raths, Retired Marine Colonel: Challenged Mimi Walters in the 45th Congressional District in the June Primary Election. From his ballot statement, Greg will demand a responsible balanced budget and take care of the city’s infrastructure.

*Steven G. Thornton, Parent/Military Reservist: Former aide to Congressman Gary Miller. Steve also worked in Casta del Sol as an employee of the property manager. In his ballot statement, Steve states his support of community, patriotism and family values.

Grant J. Voss, Small Business Owner: Doesn’t have a ballot statement, but he has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GVoss4MVCityCouncil?ref=bookmarks. Those who know him estimate he is in his early 20s.

To evaluate council incumbents Dave Leckness and Rhonda Reardon, look at their voting records (see August issue of the CCS for Reardon’s Voting Record: www.ccsense.com).

Leckness as a council member has supported every high-density project that has come before the council. Reardon has expressed support for Jumbotron-style electronic billboards and toll lanes on the 405. Leckness and Reardon voted in favor of adding 12,000 Mission Viejo homes to the Fire Zone. Crony capitalism and favoring special interests are not accomplishments.

When Wendy Bucknum ran for a council seat in 2012, voters didn’t know she’s a lobbyist in the housing industry. Since she has been exposed in this election as a lobbyist, voters might have a better understanding of why she wants to be on the city council.

Kirk Kelley is a longtime Mission Viejo resident who is a fiscal conservative and an advocate of open government.

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shelly said...

Community Common Sense is one big campaign flyer. It does not give two sides to any article or person. It is extremely biased. It is the total opposite of a community watch dog because it only presents one side of the story and a very biased side. Who delivers this thing to my driveway?

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