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Character Counts

From my home, I can see the lights of city sports fields on La Paz and Felipe, and I have driven by the fields many times. Are residents aware the lights are sometimes left on for hours with no one on the fields? When I informed the city of this, one council member thanked me, and another one sent a rude response, complete with his city council title and the city seal.

Councilman Dave Leckness wrote;

“Hi Lamar,

Do you have any idea how ridiculous you come off? When you type in all capitals and say stupid-ass things in your email it makes it hard to take your comments seriously. To ask for someone to be replaced because lights were on our fields and only a few people were there is nuts. You don’t have all the facts and your running-off your mouth.


In my report to City Hall, I said the city administrator responsible for monitoring the lights, Kelly Doyle, wasn’t doing his job. I said I would speak during a council meeting about his performance. Can you believe City Hall countered by arranging to have the council give an award to the person responsible for the sports fields? I decided not to speak at that meeting. It was a setup, whereby I would have embarrassed the person and his family present for the award.

After I told Leckness that his response to my initial message had been rude, he emailed me again:

“If you think my email was rude you’ve hit the nail on the head. I thought it might be a good idea to give you a taste of your own medicine. How’s it taste Kelso?”
If readers haven’t seen how public speakers are disrespected during council meetings, I hope they watch a televised meeting before voting this November. The tone from the council majority discourages public input and free speech.

While I was wondering how Leckness has kept his attitude under the radar, a complaint against the city emerged, filed by an employee of Leckness’ copy business. Again, City Hall attempted to block the complaint, this time by burying it in the City Council Agenda and labeling it “confidential.” The entire complaint was captured on a watchdog website: (http://www.missionviejoca.org/html/entireissue97.html). Also note the comment in the employee’s complaint that Councilman Leckness is doing the city’s printing jobs every day.
On the Dec. 2, 2013, council agenda, Item No. 16 was a claim against the city. The city’s practice of giving names and details of complaints wasn’t followed in the complaint against Leckness. The matter may have been embarrassing for him, but it was not confidential in nature.

The claim was filed by Dan Barba-Parkinson, who identifies the city employee causing the damage or injury as Councilman Dave Leckness.

With a city election on the horizon and Leckness running for re-election, I’d like to see the voting record of Dave Leckness published in Community Common Sense. From my recollection, he generally does the opposite of what residents are asking the council to do.

Lamar Kelsoe
Mission Viejo

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