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Letter to the Editor 
Council Erred on Fire Zone Decision

Public comments are sometimes the most amusing part of the Mission Viejo council meetings. During the Aug. 18 meeting, did I hear correctly that a resident thanked the council majority for putting her home in the Fire Zone (also called the Special Fire Protection Area)? She said the council majority’s maneuver was quite creative to get the city out of the control of the Fire Authority.

In my opinion, the council did the exact opposite by adding 12,000 Mission Viejo homes into the Fire Zone. With the total now up to 15,000 homes, those of us in the Fire Zone are subject to having our properties inspected by the Fire Authority.

The public speaker on Aug. 18 went on to suggest city employees should accompany the Orange County Fire Authority employees who are to inspect our homes, as if the Fire Authority can’t be trusted.

I have a different suggestion. The Fire Authority should put out fires, the city employees should tend to city business, and none of them should inspect our homes.

The Mission Viejo council majority should have followed the lead of cities like Laguna Niguel and not rezoned any homes into the Fire Zone.

Donna Snow
Mission Viejo

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