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SJC resident Pam Patterson
Guest Opinion Column 

Time to Retire “The Pack”

By Pam Patterson

The present majority on the San Juan City Council, which typically votes as a pack, is very adept at creating messes for us, the resident citizens of San Juan. You can see it in a typical day as you go about your business, in the gridlock which makes you leave 20 minutes earlier than previously to get to the freeway or just to get through town. You can see it on your water bill, which is higher than what most everyone else in the county is paying and which comes with a hefty City debt of $50 million to build a Groundwater Recovery Plant that we don’t even own. The water plant has generated lots of expensive lawsuits and attorneys’ fees, the most recent of which was filed August 28, 2014 due to the City's mess of so over-pumping the wells that they are nearly dry and in danger of salt water getting into our water supply.

If you have your ear to the ground, you may hear about the latest out-of-town developer getting special treatment at the hands of “The Pack” (Councilmen Allevato, Taylor & Kramer), enabling him to make lots of money at our expense. The latest is converting the last bit of San Juan high grade agricultural land located at Armstrong Nursery, into about 750,000 square feet (1.4 million total) of high density elitist senior living – again at our expense, as it would DOUBLE the traffic on Del Obispo, if that is even possible to do! The price tag on entry to Laguna Glen on the low end is $650,000 cash and $5,000 a month – so certainly not being built for an average San Juan resident, as is the claim.

It is clear to me that the current council majority who have contributed so much to this mess, must now step aside in order to allow qualified candidates to help clean up the mess that they have helped create. It won’t be easy, but I for one, am up for the challenge.

Pam has been a resident of San Juan Capistrano since 1995. She received her B.A. in Political Science from Whittier College before attending Western State Law School, where she served on Law Review and received American Jurisprudence Awards (the highest single grade in a class) in Wills and Trusts. Pam completed her post-graduate studies in Accounting at UCLA, and later founded a law firm before becoming the mother of five.

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