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                     More On Billboards,
                             Toll Lanes                          

In the September CCS, I wrote about the Mission Viejo City Council race with a brief description of each candidate. A reader emailed the Mission Viejo editor and asked for further information about council incumbent Rhonda Reardon, who is running for re-election.

 The article referenced her support for electronic billboards and toll lanes on the 405. Discussions can be found on council videotapes (1-21-13 for billboards; 12-2-13 and 9-2-14 for toll roads).

 Additionally, Reardon in December 2012 arranged a private meeting on behalf of billboard developer Colby Durnin and consultant Roger Faubel. She invited residents as well as Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht. The residents told CCS the meeting was to talk down their resistance to billboards.

Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht said, “Rhonda’s position during the meeting was that she was OK with the electronic billboards on the Kaleidoscope building as long as they faced the freeway and not homes.”
If residents watch the 1-12-13 council meeting, they will observe Reardon’s concern about offsite advertising on the billboards and her vote in the 4-1 majority against asking city staff to work on changing the city’s sign ordinance.

Councilwoman Schlicht told CCS, “The electronic billboards are not dead. They’ll be back after the election.”
 Reardon had two opportunities during council meetings (12-2-13 and 9-2-14) to go on record opposing toll lanes on the 405. Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht twice attempted to pass a resolution in opposition to toll lanes. No other council member supported the resolutions, and no action was taken by the council. Perhaps there’s a fine line between supporting toll lanes and being opposed to opposing them.
Kirk Kelley
Mission Viejo

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