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Union Contributions a Conflict?

Should Council members who accept large campaign contributions from the OC Sheriffs Union recuse themselves from voting to amend or approve the OC Sheriffs Department contract with our City?

Resident Ian Smith suggested such at the Oct. 21 Council meeting, pointing out that Councilmen Allevato, Kramer and Taylor have all accepted large campaign donations from the Sheriffs union (including $5,000 to oppose the recall of Allevato). The council members refused to recuse themselves, noting that it is not (technically) illegal for them to vote on the Sheriffs annual contract for $8 million per year (about 37% of the City’s annual budget), despite having accepted campaign contributions from them.

Smith also pointed out the “outrageously high” salaries of Lt. John Meyer at $310,000 per year, and the Sheriffs Sergeants at $275,000 per year. “No wonder we’re broke,” said Smith.

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Anonymous said...

And the trend continues! First amendment rights being striped away in illegal back-room meetings. Public funds being spent on a $27 million dollar purchase negotiated by a private individual ~ that benefits that private individual!

Take control of YOUR city back by voting out the majority and those they've spent thousands to support to carry on their anti-resident agenda.

Vote Patterson, Ferguson & Reeve!

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