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CCS endorses Reeve, Patterson & Ferguson 
for City Council. Here’s why...

Much is at stake for our community in this City Council election. In our opinion, our unique historic town is going in the wrong direction. We see it in traffic congestion throughout town, in unnecessarily high water bills and in an overall decrease in our quality of life. Incumbent candidates John Taylor and Larry Kramer have contributed to this over the past four years with their council votes.

Our town is now faced with two large development proposals; “Spieker/Laguna Glen” which requires a re-zone from agricultural to high-density at the current Armstrong Nursery’s growing grounds, and the “Urban Village” downtown development project behind the historic Egan House, next to Historic Town Center Park. Urban Village does not conform to the Historic Town Center Master Plan as it mixes residential units with the hotel. Both projects will add traffic to our roads and require water that is in short supply. Candidates Larry Kramer, John Taylor, Stephanie Frisch, Jan Siegel and Rob Williams support these developments in one form or another. 

All five of these candidates also support continued operation of the failed Ground Water Recovery Plant. Their support is inexplicable when the water plant has never produced what they claimed it would, is damaging our aquifer through over-pumping, and is far too expensive to operate for a town our size.

Candidates Derek Reeve, Pam Patterson and Kerry Ferguson are opposed to both developments. They are also opposed to continuing to pour more money into the failed water plant. They are in agreement that given the current mess our town is in, we cannot handle any more traffic, strain on our water resources, or on our wallets. They support either “mothballing” or “regionalizing” the water plant to spread the cost over more cities.
The candidates with the biggest war chests, Kramer and Taylor, have hired experienced political consultants to attack, spin and say anything to get them elected. Kramer and Taylor cannot run on their actual voting records, so we predict their political consultants will target their opposition with mailers and robo-calls defaming them. Don’t buy it. The political consultants get paid huge sums of money to persuade you to vote for their candidates. We believe that San Juan residents are smart enough to see through the lies, deception and half-truths.

For all of these reasons and more, we endorse Derek Reeve, Pam Patterson and Kerry Ferguson for San Juan City Council. We believe they will work to truly protect and preserve the unique historic town that we love, not just use it as a campaign slogan.


Anonymous said...

Shocking, I never saw that coming. On another note could you tell the foot soldiers that pass out your newsletter and campaign propaganda to please refrain from trespassing on private property. My home is located on a private road and yet I constantly find your propaganda on my driveway and in some cases attached to the outside of my mailbox. I am sure you do not want to break the law and worse you would not want me to have your foot soldiers arrested the next time I spot them trespassing on private property. So stop it! I will be happy when this election is over!

Anonymous said...

And I'll bet you never anticipated the results of this election either! I'm sorry that you felt very inconvenienced by the very few items that candidates that were supported by CCS left for you...did you complain as vociferously to the council majority candidates that literally SNOWED our house with flyers? I'm guessing not.

Anonymous said...

Careful my son ... Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. You guys are like a dog whose been chasing his tail around for years and now that you've caught it, you have no idea what to do. Being the rabble rousing minority is easy, the hard part is being the majority and actually having to take action that affects everyone. You will be judged by your actions from this day forward and judging by your boastful attitude you are already falling short. That is no way for the majority to behave.

Anonymous said...

"Pride goeth before the fall?" Hmmm...makes me wonder; what goeth before arrogance?

Glad to see the arrogant council majority GONE, along with their out-of-town developer and other special interest money. The relief throughout town is palpable; people feel that for the first time in decades they finally have a council majority that will listen and will represent them, not just the cronies and the big bucks campaign donors.

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