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Roy L. Byrnes, MD
                                    Guest Opinion Column 

                               An Open Letter
               to San Juan Residents
         from San Juan Capistrano City Councilman Dr. Roy Byrnes

I’m the senior member of your City Council and I 'm furious. Two years ago, at the age of 88, I came out of retirement because I couldn’t stand to watch this great City be further decimated by a bunch of greedy folks masquerading as leaders.

Forty years ago as Mayor of San Juan, I established our first General Plan for the City. This capped the population and created the ambiance that we enjoy today. Sadly, the hopes and dreams that we then established are dissolving like a sugar cube in boiling water. Now I drive down the Ortega at a snail’s pace witnessing the hills being carved-up for 14,000 more homes to our east. San Juan Capistrano is becoming merely a freeway on/off ramp for the Ranch's new developments. Our lack of local response is due to out of town power brokers who have stacked the deck on our City Council. We must put a stop to this evil control. Like a spoiled child, this Council deserves a trip to the woodshed to have it's bottom warmed. 

The “Allevato machine”, which controls the Council, seems to have a love affair with litigation. They have never found a lawyer or a litigation they didn't want to embrace. If this gladdens your heart, then pick the slate of Kramer and Taylor. They have pushed our legal bills with the firm of Rutan and Tucker to over a million dollars a year – and rising!
The last nail in San Juan’s coffin may be hammered in the up-coming November election. That's why your vote is critically important to protect the future of our historic town.

There is hope for the future. Councilman Derek Reeve is running again. Please vote for him. Derek Reeve has never wavered in his votes for the residents – even in the face of heinous, political slime attacks from Councilmen Kramer, Taylor, Allevato and their paid politicial consultants. Indeed, the savage attacks upon him by the Allevato machine have been unprecedented. Don’t believe their lies. Why? Because, Derek Reeve votes for you and fights their private pork agendas. You can readily verify this in the City records. Derek Reeve constantly reminds everyone that “it's not about us, it's about the residents.” 

The good news is that two well-qualified residents have stepped up to the plate, Kerry Ferguson and Pam Patterson. Please vote for them! Kerry and Pam possess business backgrounds and high moral character and backbone. Their only personal agenda is the frustration we all feel as residents who want solid, thoughtful decisions made for our town.

But, if you are happy with the traffic, sky-high water bills, and ever more intense development requiring zoning changes adverse to your property rights, a vote for Kramer, Taylor or challenger Frisch will bring you happiness while destroying our historic home.

Do you know San Juan has an unfunded pension liability of tens of millions of dollars? Do you know San Juan Creek is dying because of over-pumping by the City's water factory in the face of an unprecedented drought? These are just two problems that will never be addressed without a qualified, ethical, NEW council majority.

Our fine city’s problems are home-grown by a few. Kick the few out. Let’s salvage what we can and restore our City to what it once was… a place people wanted to live and visit, not a place to avoid.

I shall vote for REEVE, FERGUSON & PATTERSON. It is essential that all three are elected; please help! Tuesday, November 4 is your chance to elect three people to change the direction of our town. Please don't muff the opportunity.

Roy Byrnes is a retired Clinical and Forensic Pathologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at UC Irvine.
Dr. Byrnes previously served on the SJC City Council from 1972 - 1976 and as Mayor from 1973 - 1975.


Matt Gaffney said...

Once again Roy your recollection of past events takes a turn for the self serving haziness you tend to favor in recalling your uneventful one term on the Council. My Dad, Jerry Gaffney, as a member of the Planning Commission wrote the City's first General Plan in 1970. Two years before you were elected. You have to remember there's still some of us around to call BS whenever you attempt to rewrite history to make yourself look better than you ever were.

Editorial Board said...

Planning Commission members have no authority to enact General Plans or amendments; it serves only in an advisory capacity to the City Council. As an elected official, Dr. Byrnes had the ability to enact the General Plan, which he did in 1974.

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