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Letter to the Editor
                                            Nature, Politics and Water

Natural forces and a decade of bad political decisions are converging to create a water crisis in San Juan that is almost unimaginable. Property values, lifestyle and employment are among the items at stake. Serious long-term environmental damage may already be underway too.

The upcoming election represents an opportunity for the community to change direction on water by changing the majority of our City Council.

Our city is now embroiled in two separate lawsuits arising from its water policies. While city wells are nearly empty, the city council has chosen quietly to protect the status quo. There is no logic to this except to protect their control of the City Council. The interests of this majority are also aligned with our lavishly expensive Utility Department staff and their fabulously expensive Groundwater Recovery Plant [“GWRP”]. The GWRP is a miraculous device; it drains the wells and the city treasury simultaneously!

In July, the ruling council majority implemented new water rates that are cynically opposed to water conservation, rewarding everyone in town with a 50 percent increase in their allocation of the lowest cost water. Afterward, they lecture us about the necessity of conservation!  

After the election, they will be forced to reverse course and implement draconian water penalties in response to obvious natural conditions. The structure of these inevitable restrictions will affect your property values, your lifestyle and jobs in this area.

Voters would be wise to install a fresh majority to consider these crisis issues from a new and independent perspective.

Jim Reardon
San Juan Capistrano

Member, Capistrano Taxpayers Association

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