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                                                                            Calling All Residents

                                                                                           By Pam Patterson

SJC Mayor Pro Tem Pam Patterson
It’s time to gear up for another fight. We have yet another out-of-town interest that is trying to force a change on our community which will severely impact our residents. This time, however, it's not only the ambience and quality of life that will be impacted but our health, and the health of our children.

The new culprit is San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), executives of which are lobbying throughout the county and state to get approval for an expansion of the San Juan substation and increased voltage on power lines located dangerously close to neighborhoods, schools and parks where children play. The purpose of the expansion is to provide power, not to San Juan residents, but to “all of south county”, including some 14,000 new homes and 5 million sf of retail/commercial business outside the city limits in a new Rancho Mission Viejo development.
The new substation will boost already dangerously high Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) which are believed to be responsible for causing cancer in the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as other related health issues.

The EMF level can be measured by a Gauss meter. According to most experts, a safe level of EMF is up to 2.0 mG (milligauss), yet the levels in nearby homes is 10 mG while outside and in the park, where our children play, the levels are 20 mG and above. Already in one of the impacted neighborhoods, we have a little girl fighting brain cancer. In fact, Capistrano Unified School District joins our City Council in opposing the SDG&E expansion as SDG&E has plans to increase the voltage on power lines dangerously close to four San Juan public schools, as well as near three private schools, including at least five elementary schools.

 To fight this important battle, we need all residents to get involved by encouraging the California Public Utilities Commission now to oppose the SDG&E expansion in San Juan Capistrano and to instead encourage healthier alternatives that avid impacts to our town;

 1. Run power lines from the Talega Substation to the Rancho Mission Viejo Substation, expanding it as necessary, away from people on undeveloped land.

2. Place power lines underground.

2. Solar is an available alternative which is cost effective, and a much healthier option.

 You can reach the CPUC via email at: or via mail to:
CPUC Public Advisor, 320 West 4th Street Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Let Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett know about your displeasure for her support of this expansion in this location: or by phone at: 714-834-3550.

Pam Patterson was elected to the SJC City Council in November 2014, and is the Mayor Pro-Tem. Pam has been a resident of San Juan Capistrano since 1995. She received her B.A. in Political Science from Whittier College before attending Western State Law School, where she served on Law Review and received American Jurisprudence Awards (the highest single grade in a class) in Wills and Trusts. Pam completed her post-graduate studies in Accounting at UCLA, and later founded a law firm before becoming the mother of five.  

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