Mission Viejo

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

                                                                                             by Kirk Kelley

When campaigning for office, Mission Viejo's five council members had one thing in common; all of them claimed to be fiscal conservatives. Of the representative votes described below, only one decision was unanimous.

Council members' voting records continue to be the most reliable gauge of promise-keeping. We will continue to update you on how your elected officials are voting on your behalf.

Representative Votes, March-April, Mission Viejo City Council

Agenda Item
Result of Vote
Mar. 2, Item 7, Repeal of the Fire Maps (Special Fire Protection Area), which included nearly half the city's homes
Yes -- unanimous after Bucknum initially voted against the repeal
Reduces risks of higher insurance rates and lower property values.
Mar. 16, Item 27, Bucknum reopens parking permit issues near Capo High School
Yes – Bucknum, Sachs, Raths, Ury
No -- Schlicht
Could limit residents' parking space in favor of student parking.
Mar. 16, Item 18, Approve subsidizing of the International Tennis Federation Wheelchair tournament
Yes -- Bucknum, Ury, Raths
No -- Sachs, Schlicht
Gives taxpayer dollars to support an international private enterprise.
Mar. 16, Item 23, Sachs' proposal, pay down unfunded liabilities (post-employment benefits)
Yes – unanimous
Dedicates $2.1 million toward paying down debt.
Mar. 16, Item 28, Schlicht's proposal, bring transparency to Marguerite Swim Complex; discuss subsidy to Nadadores
No action taken; file and receive report
Takes a step toward public disclosure of communications.
Apr. 6, Item 7, public hearing, SDG&E's proposed expansion near homes; letter of support to Cal. Public Utilities Comm.
Apr. 20, Item 23, Ury's item, $50,000 to a city administrator to implement water conservation
Yes -- Bucknum, Raths, Ury
No -- Sachs, Schlicht
Yes -- Bucknum, Raths, Ury, Sachs
No -- Schlicht
Council majority's letter ignores comments from the public hearing.
Staff has no plans except to shut off drinking fountains & remove turf.


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