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                                                    Residents Weigh In on SDG&E Project

Editor’s note: San Juan residents Dawn Fusco and Nancy French addressed the Mission Viejo City Council before they voted in either support or opposition of SDG&E’s proposed substation expansion in San Juan Capistrano. We are re-printing their comments with their permission. The Mission Viejo City Council voted to support SDG&E’s expansion in our town, with Mayor Cathy Schlicht and Councilmember Ed Sachs voting against, and Councilmembers Wendy Bucknum, Greg Raths and Frank Ury voting to support.
 Thank you Mayor Schlicht and Counsel for your time.

I wanted to open up with a quote from a book “Power Struggle”; “I believe in municipal ownership of these monopolies because if you do not own them, they will in time own you. They will destroy your politics, corrupt your institutions, and finally destroy your liberties.” - Tom Johnson, Mayor of Cleveland, 1901-1909

I am a proud resident and homeowner of San Juan Capistrano and have lived on the same street for the past 15 years. I happen to live in the cul-de-sac next to the purposed substation. So, I come today to speak to all of you about what I have gathered about this purposed substation that is in view from our home.

I speak for the community and many in the area who do not know about this plan because they don’t have a strong command of English. It is often difficult enough for the average born and bred citizen to decipher between fact and fiction and the uncertain language of politicians and greedy business interests. Everyone else in bordering cities seem to know more about this project than our residents.

EMF readings are off the chart in houses close to the existing substation and in the park directly across the street where parents take their children and residents go to walk their dogs. Oh, but you can’t SEE them, so they must not exist, right?  Think again. I have friends and family members who work in the medical field and know the facts about EMFs and the harm it does to a person’s body. So for those of you who work in hospitals and medical fields and support this expansion; shame on you.

After reading and researching many articles on power, substations, stray currents, smart meters, lawsuits involving the CPUC, SDGE, SCE, San Onofre and video tapes gone viral on corruption etc., I have come to the conclusion that corruption knows no bounds. In our case, its big corporations with deep pockets, and residents from other areas keeping the substation out of their areas and pushing it into our small community of highly populated homes because they are afraid for their own health and families.

 I want to thank Mayor Schlicht for her support of our community. Most of all I would like to thank her for not allowing herself to be “bought” and standing up for what she feels is the safest option for this project in our small town, despite the push-back she is getting. I don’t think it’s her; I believe Councilman Ury who is manipulating and deceiving people, and not being forthright and honest about this SDG&E expansion project which he supports.

Remember the golden rule - “Do unto others as you want done unto you”.

We urge you to reconsider your stance on expansion of the SDG&E substation in our neighborhood.

Thank you,

Dawn Fusco
San Juan Capistrano


I want to thank and commend the Mayor for her support in opposing SDG&E’s so-called “enhancement” plan for the San Juan substation that severely threatens the home values, health, and quality of life of the surrounding community on both a permanent and temporary level. It is not easy to take the high road when confronting a slickly stacked deck. It is an opportunistic and manipulative plan involving more than minor inconveniences and consequences.

Mayor, you have demonstrated great integrity in having an open mind and an open heart rather than an open hand. You also maintained admirable poise in the face of your fellow councilman’s [Frank Ury’s] rude, condescending body language and taunting tactics one would only expect from a schoolyard bully. Talk about the “height of hubris.”

The past few weeks have been a true learning experience. I have witnessed the proposal proponent’s ostentatious glad-handing and more subtle, seductive and seemingly neighborly collaboration with people of political and social influence. That may seem like constructive networking, but when connecting the dots, it more resembles a nefarious spider web.

In truth, motives for proposal support appear to involve substantial self-concern regarding convenience, greed, and political and social clout. Morality & full disclosure seem to be lost in the mix. Those of you who so trust Sempra and its entities might do well to remember the causes, consequences, and remaining questions involving [Sempra’s] 2007 San Diego fires, the deadly 2010 San Bruno gas explosion, and the San Onofre debacle which will continue to haunt and cost us for some. And, oh yes, I do believe there were and are issues of cover-ups and collusion involved.

Council, I humbly suggest you reconsider your previous stance on the SDG&E project and for tonight, derail the spurious attempt to harass and humiliate the Mayor. By the way, congratulations, Mayor; somebody thinks you can confuse the entire highly educated CPUC all by yourself.

Thank you,

Nancy French
San Juan Capistrano

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