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                                              Residents Deserve Better

A video surfaced on May 5, showing Councilwoman Wendy Bucknum harassing residents of the Coronado Homes (off Avery Pkwy east of Marguerite, near Capo High School).

During public comments of the May 4 city council meeting, one of the residents reported Bucknum and another person came into his neighborhood to “harass residents” regarding a parking issue. Bucknum evidently didn't know she'd been caught on a home security camera. She argued that she was instead watching the children, and she added, "You're entitled to your opinion." CouncilmanGreg Raths entered the discussion, siding with Bucknum.

 The video and viewers' comments can be found on MissionViejoCommonSense.com.

Videotape from a home security camera shows Bucknum on April 24 driving slowly by homes of residents who support the current parking permit hours near the high school. Bucknum stops in front of a home, and her passenger gets out of the car to photograph the home. Bucknum's passenger then "flips off" another resident who drives by and stops. 

After Bucknum's passenger photographed homes, another video shows the city's Code Enforcement paying the neighborhood a visit. Is Bucknum using Code Enforcement as a weapon against residents?

In addition to exposing Wendy Bucknum's frequent ethical lapses, Community Common Sense has published her council votes, her conflicts of interest and ties to such businesses as San Diego Gas & Electric.

On Apr. 20, Bucknum enthusiastically supported SDG&E's expansion of a substation in a neighborhood close to homes. On June 1, Bucknum was in the 4-1 majority to sink $7.7 million taxpayer dollars into the Marguerite Swim Complex remodel. Bucknum should have recused herself from the vote because of her longtime involvement in the swim club. During the council discussion, she repeatedly referred to the swim club as "we."

Mission Viejo residents deserve better than this.

Joe Holtzman
Mission Viejo


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