San Juan Capistrano

                                                                   Ghost Train Gone

                                                                            by Clint Worthington

My father once told me that if you believe in something, to never ever give up in pursuing it. After nine years, 35 appearances before the City Council, and being told by Councilman Sam Allevato that it can't be done so many times that I have lost count, I am happy to report that the Ghost Train is finally going away, which will eliminate 100% of the “Ghost Train” traffic and decrease the traffic backed up at the Del Obispo railroad crossing traffic signal by an estimated 75 percent.
Long lines of traffic at the Del Obispo
Crossing may become a thing of the past

A report by CTC, Inc., a firm hired to study the crossing, showed that slowing southbound passenger trains as they approach the Train Depot will eliminate 100 percent of the crossing gate activations at the Del Obispo crossing. The report states that the cost to implement this procedure is less than $10.00 and delays the train by only approximately 21 seconds. In addition, the report states that the traffic signals at the Del Obispo crossing are being activated as many as 286 times per day. The report indicates that purchasing a module that only activates the traffic signals when trains are nearby will eliminate 215 activations of the red traffic signal per day.

Why Metrolink did not immediately implement this procedure is unknown as this information was presented in the CTC report that Metrolink in September 2013. Can you imagine what a difference eliminating the Ghost Train effect and having a traffic signal that works properly at that crossing will do to traffic?

This situation demonstrates that persistence and refusing to take no for an answer can amount to huge benefits for our town. 

Clint Worthington is a locomotive engineer who is a founding member of the Capistrano Taxpayers Association. He has lived in San Juan for more than 23 years and has spent the past nine years advocating for elimination of the “Ghost Train” effect in order to improve traffic downtown.


Steve Behmerwohld said...

Is someone going to correct this erroneous headline?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Clint, you make me laugh. I was just waiting at the light today, the arms came down, and guess what? No train.

Anonymous said...

You were probably driving like an idiot and being rude, so karma set in. May Karma visit you whenever necessary!

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