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SJC Councilmember Kerry Ferguson
inside the vintage trolley
              All Aboard for the Free
        San Juan Capistrano Trolley!
       by Kerry Ferguson, San Juan Capistrano City Council Member

Our new free trolley system is moving into place the connections that will make getting around in our town much easier in years to come.

The trolley takes a proactive approach to bring residents back to our Historic Downtown for dinner and shopping while alleviating parking and traffic congestion challenges. This is a way residents can support the fine restaurants and shops in San Juan Capistrano and bring the kids, have a fun senior outing or a couples' romantic night out.

If residents embrace this, we hope to extend it to outlying neighborhoods for pick-ups and drop-offs as well as connections to Dana Point and San Clemente. Besides the fun it provides and the businesses it will serve, it will make parking easier and ease traffic congestion while improving air quality. It also has the potential to stave off large investments in infrastructure that cut swaths through our cities and fail to make things better on our roads. 

This summer, one trolley will pick up at our hotels, several senior apartment complexes and the park 'n ride, bringing passengers downtown to the Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Regional Library (famous for architecture by Michael Graves) and to our train depot right next to Historic Los Rios Street. 

Most of the funding came from the Air Quality Management District, with a few thousand added from the City and a generous gift of Marketing from the Heritage Tourism Association.

Come aboard, and enjoy the ride!


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