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                    Residents Speak Out: Water Rate Refunds

Editor’s note: Last month we asked readers whether San Juan water customers who were over-charged for water should receive refunds. Due to space limitations we are unable to print all of the responses, but have listed excerpts from some of them below. 
  •  You asked the question: "Do you think customers who were overcharged for water should be refunded?"  The answer: Of Course! The money was taken from customers illegally! What kind of thinking says, "we know we stole money from you illegally, but we're going to keep it anyway."  That's nuts!
          - Cathy, SJC resident and homeowner for 25 years

  •  Customers who were overcharged for water since 2010 should be refunded.
          - Jack, San Juan Capistrano

  • Yes indeed I do believe customers who have been overcharged, and still are, should definitely be reimbursed. In any business it is common practice to immediately refund monies to anyone who has been overcharged. 
          - Shirley, San Juan Capistrano

  • It costs us taxpayers over $1 million to prove what we already knew; that the water rates were extortion. We also got to see the contempt these politicians have for citizens and tax payers, using rates to punish law abiding tax paying citizens for not believing tin the mythical [ground water plant]…. Why is it up to the Extortionists to decide whether to refund the money?
          - Robert, San Juan Capistrano

  • We live in San Juan Capistrano and definitely think the customers that were overcharged for water should receive a refund... Thanks for standing up for the citizens of San Juan Capistrano.
         - Ken, San Juan Capistrano

  • Customers who were billed illegally for water should definitely be refunded what they were over-charged. Thanks for staying on top of this issue.
        - Jim, San Juan Capistrano

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