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                               Letter to the Editor
                                                  Hold city officials accountable

Thanks for a great and informative article ["City Property Appraisal Way Off," by Kirk Kelley, June 2015]. Absolutely, the city should obtain another appraisal regarding the sale of Site C.  

To sell it without doing so is, in my opinion, a total breach of the council's responsibility to do their due diligence on behalf of the taxpayers in this city. It smells VERY fishy when a quick, inside deal like this is done.

Also, WHAT HAPPENED to the two other "fiscal conservatives," besides Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht, who I voted for to avoid this very thing? They promised they'd be fiscally conservative, and then as soon as they got elected, they jumped on the "tax & spend" bandwagon with the others on the council who would also have been voted out if they were running for re-election. Cathy seems to be the only one who consistently sticks to her principles. 

It's VERY disheartening to see this. With all of the unfunded pension expenses that we have, we should be building a bigger reserve and stop all of this reckless behavior on the council. This applies to both the property not having multiple appraisals and also the HIGHEST-priced plan for renovation of the Nadadors swim center.  

Keep their feet to the fire and make this widely known to residents. If more knew about this, I believe there would be an uproar.

It seems at every level of politics now, the voter is ignored, and politicians do what they please. At the very least, they should do some polling and see how the residents here really feel about these issues. 

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Dan O'Connor
Mission Viejo


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