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                               Questions Resurface About Councilman’s Past

When Mayor Pro Tem Greg Raths announced during the July 6 council meeting that he had been threatened, what was the nature of the threat? Rather than physical harm, his comments indicate someone intended to embarrass him.

Is the threat related to information that came out in 2014 about Raths' past? Some Mission Viejo residents first learned about the accusations against Raths in an article that was published on missionviejopatch.com. Those who saw the post said it contained complaints about Raths' immoral behavior, with specific examples and an offer of verification from the writer.

If the allegations posted online are false, Raths can go after the writer or those who provided the material for publication. 

If the allegations are true, the city should be aware of the liability of having such a person in office. Raths used the word "blackmail" in his comments from the dais. Blackmail works only if the allegations are true.

(Name withheld by request)

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