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        Ghost Train Really Gone?

In the last issue of the CCS, resident Clint Worthington wrote about the steps being taken to eliminate the “Ghost Train” effect, which activates the guard gates across the railroad tracks on Del Obispo near Camino Capistrano. It’s called the Ghost Train because the gates are triggered to come down even when no train is present. This causes already congested traffic to back up even further.

The fix, as Worthington pointed out, is simple. A report by CTC, Inc., a firm hired to study the crossing, showed that slowing south bound passenger trains as they approach the Train Depot will eliminate 100 percent of the crossing gate activations at the Del Obispo crossing. According to the report, the cost to implement this procedure is less than $10.00 and delays the train by only approximately 21 seconds.

According to City sources however, passenger carriers Amtrak and Metrolink are resistant to slowing their trains down on the approach to the depot to pick up passengers. Instead, they are offering an alternative solution to decrease the number of gate activations, which they will present at an upcoming City Council meeting. 

Worthington, who is a locomotive engineer, feels we have waited long enough. “For nine years I have been asking the various council majorities to approach the rail authorities with this simple fix. I then learned that for two years, Metrolink has been sitting on a report that comes to the same conclusion. Nine years is long enough; it’s time to get this done,” said Worthington.  

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