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MV Mayor Cathy Schlicht
                                                                                  Guest Column

                     Let's Invest in Our Kids

                    By Cathy Schlicht, Mayor of Mission Viejo

 The City of Mission Viejo has a wide variety of events and activities for families, but one element that is missing is a center dedicated solely for our youth. Our teenagers don't have a place to gather and socialize in a safe and secure environment.

 Let’s work together on keeping our adolescents out of speeding cars and from hanging out in secluded parks late at night. Let's offer them meaningful and healthy activities. We need to increase their opportunities for fun and entertainment so they can make safe choices in an environment that is free from bullying and peer pressure.

 Can the Felipe Tennis Center be repurposed into a Youth Recreation Center?
 Let’s invest in our kids by offering them opportunities and programs that will bring them in contact with positive role models and wholesome activities.  

Parents, please give us your ideas and thoughts. What do our youth have to say? What would you like to see at the Youth Center?  

Please forward your thoughts and comments to our Director of Recreation and Community Services Mark Nix at mnix@cityofmissionviejo.org or to Mayor Cathy Schlicht at cschlicht@cityofmissionviejo.org

Let’s strive to enhance, protect and enrich the quality of life of our adolescents in a safe and secure environment.

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