Mission Viejo Letter to the Editor

                            Political Water Pressure

Huge kudos to Mission Viejo Mayor Cathy Schlicht for standing against the replacement of our city parks' natural turf with artificial turf. She warned against possible unintended consequences and unknowns like soil alterations, heavy rain runoffs, etc. (Granted, there's nothing as irresistible as "free" money forked over by hardworking federal, state, county and city taxpayers.) But her concerns have proven correct.

Three years ago in an unfortunate effort to cooperate with the Brown Administration's Taxpayer Funded Water Conservation Program, Los Angeles high schools installed artificial turf on all their football fields. This summer, however, the artificial turf melted on all the fields. And after the plastic melted, the little, green blades of "grass" transformed into little, hard rocks; making the fields completely unfit for any athletic activity.

To our detriment the Brown Government Policies are destroying California, and what has

happened to L.A.'s football fields is only one example of Jerry Brown's failing policies. True, California's urban populations have saved about three percent of the state's water, but thousands of gallons of water are wasted and flow out to sea every day simply because Mr. Brown refuses to build a dam or two.

It's as if a plumber thought he could solve a customer's high water usage problem by fixing some leaking household faucets, but at the same time he turns a blind eye to the 15-foot geyser jettisoning out of a pipeline in the front yard with a wide river of water flowing down the street out to sea. And then when the customer complains about the continuing high numbers on his water meter, the plumber suggests cutting back on water usage.  

California's problem is not lack of water! No! California's problem is lack of good government and good "plumbing"! California is no longer green and golden! Instead, we are "Jerry Brown" Brown and that is our New Green. Water tables are low, agriculture is suffering huge losses, forests fires are unabated. And California, once a Refuge from the Dust Bowl, is becoming its own Dust Bowl.

When Mr. Brown's term finally expires, California citizens should seriously consider building a monument to his memory. It would be timely and appropriate to build a water reservoir. And it could be named "Dam Jerry Brown."

Again, kudos to Mayor Cathy Schlicht for standing against political pressure and for standing for water pressure!

Paula Steinhauer
Mission Viejo


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