Mission Viejo Letter to the Editor

                                     Stop the Mini Billboards            

From the beginning, our town has controlled commercial signage. This originated with the Mission Viejo Company and was adopted for many years by our city councils.

Gradually, the leasing companies illegally increased the size of their signs, ignoring regulations, yet for years the city code enforcement did nothing about it. When they finally did address the issue, rather than enforcing the original ordinance, they increased the size of allowable signage!

This is a breach in our city's history, a reversal of and an assault on our founder's vision.

In the city's own book, page 43 of “Mission Viejo the Ageless Land,” it states “…commercial signage strictly controlled by size, height and structure..."

We as citizens and stewards of this community must respect, “…land is so precious, so development must happen carefully with the long-term vision for the future...” page 44

Increasing the commercial signage in amount and size goes against the dictates of “land so precious.”

It goes against the admonition “commercial signage STRICTLY controlled by size, height and structure.”

I was one of the few residents who spoke against the ordinance change when it occurred.

I would like to suggest that citizens contact the Heritage Committee and the Transportation and Planning Commission to voice your opinions and help rectify this increase of sign blight in our community. 

Joseph M. Tully
Mission Viejo


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