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                                                  Comments, Not Attacks Please

For the first part of 2015, public comments during Mission Viejo council meetings were mostly civil. Why did the tone change? The comments turned into attacks at about the same time the council was discussing the contract to update the Nadadores' swim club facility.

The contract for the remodel is going to cost taxpayers $7.7 million. The amount alone is astounding. Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht was the only one who questioned the price tag, preferring the less costly option recommended by the Community Services Commission. Consequently, she voted against the most costly option, which passed 4-1. 

A taxpayer revolt against spending $7.7 million would have been understandable. As a consequence of spending money the city doesn't have, any shortfall will impact parks and infrastructure. Ironically, it is the supporters of the swim club project -- a handful of them -- who have gone on the attack.

Nadadores supporters filled the council chamber during the meeting in May when they were cheering for their cause. However, remarks turned negative and continued after the vote. Public comments during council meetings and other public events have become personal attacks, especially against Councilwoman Schlicht.

Speakers can use any tone they want to make public comments, but they are also saying "everyone" feels the same animosity [when] they are speaking for themselves. 

Taxpayers are very generously funding a facility for the use of a private group.

Joe Holtzman
Mission Viejo


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