San Juan Capistrano

                                                                                                                     Mayor’s Message

                                            Delivering on the Change You Voted For

                                                 By Derek Reeve, Mayor, City of San Juan Capistrano

SJC Mayor Derek Reeve
San Juan Capistrano is on the move, with projects big and small, for the betterment of our residents. Listed below is an update of just a few action items being undertaken or considered by the City Council.
 · The council has hired a new esteemed city attorney for a cost-saving flat fee.
 ·  Our city is dramatically improving our parks, open space and equestrian facilities.
 ·  The council has placed new emphasis on capital improvement projects including street paving and pedestrian access.
 · We welcomed a new summer trolley providing complimentary service in and around downtown, from all corners of the city. In its first year it has been quite a success.
 · We are considering a request for proposals to retrofit all of the city street lights in order to reduce electricity and provide dramatic savings to the taxpayers.
 · Selecting a new city manager is the most critical decision the council will make on behalf of the residents. To facilitate that process, we requested the assistance of Robert Ming. Robert is the two time Mayor of Laguna Niguel and eight-year councilmember. He also personally participated in the search and selection process for the Laguna Niguel City Manager, the CEO of TCA and the District Director for the Orange County Vector Control. He also advised several other Orange County cities on a confidential basis in their city manager selection processes. Most importantly, Robert was brought in for his understanding of city government and his private enterprise experience. We are not interested in doing something just because that is the way government is “supposed” to work. Instead, this council is determined to take action that will ensure a new positive direction that will empower residents.
The City is likewise financially strong. The General Fund budget is balanced with approximately $25 million in expenditures and a healthy reserve. With a new hotel and one on the horizon, and the Pacific San Juan development moving forward, our financial future is even stronger.

We face our share of challenges including a lawsuit against the residents by Spieker Realty Investments, LLC; Virginia Germann; Vermeulen Ranch Center, LLC; and Spieker Senior Development Partners, LLC. This is quite disappointing since I personally met with the representatives of the Plaintiffs multiple times in order to assist them to reach a mutually beneficial position with the residents. Unfortunately it became abundantly clear they had no desire to work together and their sole intent was to sue the residents. Regardless I remain confident the ultimate outcome will be a positive for the residents.

 While we may face challenges, we have many more new exciting changes and opportunities on the horizon. These include exploring alternatives to remaining in the water business through a utility optimization project and pursuing positive business growth policies. Working together as residents, our city is moving forward to a bright future.


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