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              Revitalizing Marine Battalion 1/11 
                        By SJC Mayor Pro Tem Pam Patterson

Several years ago, I volunteered to help with a welcoming party for Marines returning from the Middle East. I was so impressed with the soldiers that I met that day. I was impacted by their service and how much we owe them as a nation.

Now, as a member of the City Council, I am pleased to be committed to the City’s adopted “1/11” Battalion. The 1/11 is an artillery battalion with four firing batteries and a headquarters battery. The City’s involvement with the 1/11 Battalion dates back to 2006, when the Council was approached with the concept of officially adopting a Marine battalion, specifically the First Battalion of the 11th Marine Regiment, based at Camp Pendleton. On August 15th that same year, the 1/11 was officially adopted by the San Juan Capistrano City Council. The resolution declared that, due to the City’s close proximity to the Marine base, and its long history of community involvement and volunteerism, the Council wanted to expand the community’s support and to show appreciation for our military.
After a dormant phase, I am pleased to announce that the City is putting new energy into the 1/11 Battalion with the addition of new committee members to the City’s 1/11 adoption committee. These residents are joining forces to help the City make a difference in the lives of our military and their families. Some of the ideas that have been proposed by committee members include adding a section of the City’s website regarding the 1/11 to keep San Juan residents informed as to what they can do to support our military and the families of the 1/11; recognition of Marines at upcoming council meetings; encouraging “adoption” of families, especially during the holidays; providing Military families with gifts; Tree Lighting Ceremony tickets and invitation to the hospitality tent for the Tree Lighting Ceremony; cookie sales to benefit 1/11 families, etc. Additional ideas to expand the program for the 1/11 and generate funding to support the 1/11 are welcomed.  

I encourage members of our community to get involved. Please consider “adopting” a family and including them in your holiday meals. By doing so, it can add a whole new dimension to the season of giving, and will truly help us to express gratitude for our safety, our families, and for the great nation we call home.

 Please contact the City at: 949-493-1171 if you would like to help by adopting a military family.

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