San Juan Capistrano

                                                                         Rumors vs Reality

In our on-going effort to separate fact from spin, we have listed below several rumors that have been floating around town about City governance, versus the facts based on our research and documentation.

Rumor: Current city council members are being investigated by the OC District Attorney.

Fact: Documentation confirms that both sides (proponents and opponents) of the December 2014 “Urban Village” referendum filed complaints with the OC District Attorney (“OCDA”). The entire matter is being investigated by the OCDA. Although details of the investigation are not open to the public, a copy of the resident’s complaint was forwarded to the CCS and can be found along with the OCDA’s response, on our website at:, under “Community Links”.

Rumor: The hiring of consultant and former Laguna Niguel councilmember Robert Ming was being done "under the radar" on the Consent Calendar, and not all councilmembers were in agreement about retaining him as a city consultant.

Fact: In order to set the record straight, the new council majority waived confidentiality of the discussion about this issue, which originally took place in a closed door session of the City Council. The now-opened closed session discussion reveals that all five councilmembers were in agreement with hiring Ming as a consultant, and agreed to have staff work out the details before placing it on the next City Council agenda.   

Rumor: Water refunds will be paid by the taxpayers.

Fact: Refunds are the taxpayers' dollars, illegally collected in the first place.

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