San Juan Capistrano

                       Committee Considers Moratorium
                        on Neighborhood Rehab Facilities

In response to a sudden proliferation of “sober living” rehabilitation homes in some San Juan neighborhoods, Councilmember Kerry Ferguson scheduled a Town Hall meeting at City Hall on September 24 to give residents an opportunity to offer input on the issue, and has asked that the issue be placed on the October City Council Agenda.
As the council member serving on the Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee, Ferguson has met with residents to find solutions to problems such as parking, overcrowding and other situations that cause a deterioration in their quality of life. It was during these meetings that the issue of sober living homes in various neighborhoods was raised.

  Although legally allowed under state law and believed by many to be a beneficial part of alcohol and drug abuse recovery, Ferguson said, “many of these homes fall under the radar of reasonable regulation that would benefit both those living [in the facilities] and their neighbors.”
In researching the issue, Ferguson learned that San Clemente addressed this issue recently. In July, the San Clemente City Council passed an Interim Ordinance calling for a temporary moratorium on the permitting or establishment of (1) Sober Living Homes and (2) Large Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Recovery or Treatment Facilities. 

Since then, Ferguson says she has worked with a friend on the San Clemente City Council to monitor the reaction to the ordinance. “So far, it has been very positive, and in August, they extended the ordinance for a longer period in order to be able to study the situation in more depth,” said Ferguson. 

With that in mind, Ferguson asked that the issue be placed on the October Agenda and arranged for a meeting on September 24th at City Hall to give residents an opportunity to offer input about the issue. “My immediate goal is to introduce an Interim Ordinance calling for a moratorium on new treatment and recovery house facilities in San Juan Capistrano to allow us to study the situation in depth and craft lasting solutions that will benefit both residents and those afflicted with addictions," said Ferguson. “We will continue to seek input and positive solutions for all concerned,” she added. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see City Council addressing this. In addition to Ferguson's efforts, according to the Capistrano Dispatch, "Assemblyman Bill Brough, whose office is based in San Juan Capistrano, has appointed him (Sam Allevato) as the San Juan representative on a tri-city committee, alongside Dana Point Mayor Carlos Olvera and San Clemente City Councilwoman Kathy Ward, to discuss legislative solutions at the state level. Allevato said they will be holding town hall meetings in the tri-city area in the future. With a unanimous motion, the council (SJC) directed city staff to work with the city attorney to bring back various options for regulating group homes on Oct. 20. Those options will include looking into a moratorium on new group homes."

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