Letter to the Editor

                    Mobile Home Park Owners' Attempt at 
          Rent Control Forfeiture is "a Greedy Grab"

"Robert Coldren and Dick Worley are attacking El Nido mobile home residents once again, a mere seven months after the San Juan Capistrano City Council unanimously denied their prior greedy grab to double resident’s space rent. This latest round by Coldren is pure and simple harassment and a transparent manipulation to leverage more rent out of seniors hoping we do not have the will or the dollars to defend and will simply capitulate. 

This time he is asking $403 a month increase (my current space rent is $637). Concurrently with sending residents notice of the $403 space rent increase, Coldren sent a letter to our attorney, Bruce Stanton, giving him a “heads up” that the residents would be calling him regarding the rent increase. He cavalierly goes on to state, “We of course would not want to fight this year, if we don’t have to, and are rolling out a program designed to allow us and the tenants to get the amount of that payable down to something less than 60 bucks.”

Coldren’s proposed “resolution documents” involves signing a lease (of course) or as he euphemistically calls it, a “Rent Credit Agreement”, which would increase the space rent by $57. What he fails to mention is that signing any long-term lease would cause the homeowner to FORFEIT RENT CONTROL! Additionally, per the agreement, when the owner or his heirs sell, the new homeowner must pay a $250 increase in space rent which adversely affects the salability of his home. Furthermore, whenever the space rent goes up, the value of your home goes down, directly and substantially affecting your equity.

 This is a path we have travelled before, and the El Nido residents DO have the will and the dollars to fight, but this time fueled by our collective anger. Coldren has misjudged our resolve! Our infrastructure is still in place from last year and we are mobilizing to respond, confident that we will prevail and once again the SJC City Council will unanimously declare Coldren’s rent increase far exceeds a “fair, just and reasonable return” on the property and violates the city’s municipal code which maintains that rents can’t exceed the average Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the preceding calendar year.

Based on Coldren’s prior theatrical antics, straw-man arguments, disrespectful insults to the Council and repeated threats to “sue the city if you don’t do the fair thing for my client”, I seriously doubt the SJC City Council is sympathetic to Robert Coldren’s and Dick Worley’s new-but-same demands.

Carol Brinkman

SJC resident



Anonymous said...

Succinctly stated. We urge the rest of the Mobile Home Community of San Juan Capistrano to become involved as the outcome of El Nido's future will affect rent control for all MH parks in San Juan Capistrano. It is Atty. Coldren's intent to break rent control for his personal financial gain and picked El Nido because he believes the homeowners have more wealth with which to pay rent and less interest in the hassle of the battle...

Joseph Ferguson said...

nice post

Unknown said...

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