Code Enforcement Takes Action on Violations at Eastern Open Space

In a previous issue of the CCS, we printed photos of what appeared to be multiple code violations at the Riding Park open space property at Ortega and La Pata. The violations were brought to light by several Parks & Recreation Commissioners who after touring the property, expressed concern about apparent risks to health and safety. The City responded by issuing a Notice of Violations and required Corrective Actions, (see below). The company that is managing the Riding Park for the City has ten days to correct the violations.

As background; the 70-acre Riding Park was purchased by SJC taxpayers, whose property taxes were increased to purchase 132 acres of what was supposed to be "open space for the public to enjoy." The City instead hired a company to manage the Riding Park property. The company keeps the revenue from the events.

In response to code complaints and a directive by the San Diego Regional Water Board to clean up any illegal dumping of waste water into the protected creek habitat, City Code Enforcement issued the following Notices of Violation and  Corrections to the Riding Park property manager, Blenheim Facilities Management. See photo pictorial "Eastern Open Space Code Violations" to the right, under Community Links.

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