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Editor’s note: Due to space limitations, we are only able to reprint a few of the letters we received. Unlike other publications, we offer to protect the identity of letter writers. As a publication that has been targeted and ultimately banned for exposing the truth about local governance, we know better than most about retaliation by community members, including elected officials, who have an opposing point of view. In an effort to shield our readers from such retaliation, we offer to withhold their names from letters thus, some will have names withheld.
                       SDG&E  No Friend to Residents

The local San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce voted to support SDG&E’s doubling of their substation in the middle of our family neighborhoods, schools, and Mission - instead of a perfectly good alternative location in Rancho Mission Viejo east of town.

 The new Chamber Board just named as their Ambassador, Steve Behmerwohld , who along with SDG&E representative Duane Cave, stole permitted signs from a rally our families had organized to oppose the expanded substation. Steve Behmerwohld took down signs while volunteering as an “ASAP” senior police services volunteer, and consequently had to resign. Duane Cave refused to return the signs as requested by former City Manager Karen Brust.  

SDG&E works with our State, Chamber and our City, to promote projects that are destructive to SJC families health and property values, yet they try to portray us and others who "have their number" as ignorant, over-reactors who don't know what we're talking about.

 Name withheld
SJC residents

                                 Why No Watering of Ortega Trees?

Please pass on my concerns to our City Council members about what appears to be the intentional non-watering of mature trees and plant material along the Ortega Highway so-called “chokepoint” – as if having dead trees and plants will be part of the answer to the road widening. Some trees are already dead and others appear to be suffering from lack of water.

The City, having reduced water usage by far more than required or requested, ought to look into keeping our mature street trees alive and well. Lack of water weakens these trees to pests that can also kill them off. Please reverse this practice, and turn on the water for our trees!

I have previously written and write again, thanking our Council Members for blocking the widening of the Ortega Highway.

Catherine Croisette
SJC resident

                                       Sick of “Bias”

I am so sick of your extreme bias against the horse park in San Juan Capistrano. Having a world class horse events center is such a benefit to our community and we all should embrace it and cherish it instead of bashing it and wanting more soccer, baseball, football fields. Don’t we already have enough of those?

There are numerous community events held at the park. It is so obvious that there is some sort of personal vendetta going on. Your paper is so slanted and definitely written by a vocal minority. And Ortega needs to be widened. I can’t wait for the next elections.

Lauren Horn
SJC resident
                           Hold Riding Park Accountable

My husband and I support an investigation of the outrageous mis-use of tax payer property [at the Riding Park] and appreciate the investigation under way. Residents should get frequent and either free or inexpensive use of the property, along with reasonable rent from the Brandes, if they are even allowed to stay, given the many safety liabilities and broken rules. Think like a Trump and negotiate a MUCH better deal!

Name withheld
SJC residents

                               Open Up the Open Space

I saw the pictures in the recent CCS and can't believe that our open space is being abused in this way. What is the city doing about this? Why is that business even allowed to use our open space to make money?
This is really appalling. I hope the city manager does something about this situation - like open up the property for us all to use. That's what we voted for after all.

Thanks for reporting on this.

Name withheld
SJC resident

       The Riding Park: Open Space or Commercial Business?

How refreshing to see the truth revealed, especially to many who were unaware of what was going on on Sacred lands....The photos clearly show the Riding Park committing violation after violation of city and state codes! Sacred lands are being abused and desecrated - usage conditions were put in place to protect those sacred lands and yet the pictures show the exact opposite. Electrical next to very dry brush, chemicals being stored out in the open, polluted water draining in multiple spots including next to federally protected habitat, mattresses, a makeshift bathroom - seriously? This list goes on: broken RV hoses, appearances of long term tenancy (a satellite dish), a nurseries empty pots. It leaves one to wonder how much more is going on that wasn't able to be photographed. These photos tell a story of disregard for city laws, the photos tell a story of look what the riding park can get away with....

It is hoped the city will step in and take whatever measures necessary to make sure the riding park is in compliance on every single square foot of land they cover. It is up to the city to enforce the protection of the open spaces and ancestral lands that San Juan Capistrano is very proud of...please do so.

Respectfully submitted,

Board of Directors, Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee

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Karen McDonald said...

Such a foolish shame that the trees are dying along Ortega Hwy. City of San Clemente uses tree watering bags to efficiently irrigate trees while preventing runoff. SJC should be so smart. Come on Public Works!!!

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